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wastingtimewithforums wastingtime​withforums
  • Windows 10 stinks!

    Windows 10 as tablet (tested in VM, latest version).

    All tablet mode does is making the start menu fullscreen and launching all programs maximized, all the other desktop stuff stays (including the taskbar etc). There is no charms bar, and the full screen start menu looks pretty bad. It really feels like some shareware add-on.

    All pictures now in tablet mode:

    Pretty lukewarm experience, lol. Jack of all trades..

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    You are right: Windows 10 stinks on tablets (too)!

    Windows 10 on tablet video

    It looks like * on a tablet! Really, it feels a lot like Windows 7 tablet edition. The visible desktop icons when multitasking, the desktop taskbar, the cramped "start screen"...

    Microsoft is giving us an early look today at how Windows 10 will run on tablets, and it's a little surprising. It's essentially the same as the desktop version of Windows 10. While many had hoped the Windows Phone interface would simply scale up, it seems Microsoft is taking the approach of scaling the Windows 10 desktop down to small tablets. There's a taskbar, a desktop mode, and all the regular Windows apps you'd expect to see. While we're only getting a look at small Intel-powered tablets, it's clear the direction here is to make it identical to the desktop version, but optimized for touch.

    So it not only sucks on the desktop, it also does on the tablet. The joys of a hybrid OS!

    Why can't they just completely separate tablet and desktop mode? The very first Windows 8 betas did just that if you used that registry switch to disable metro completely. They could still use one OS, and optimize the different modes for the different tasks instead of annoying everyone. But no...

    They want to be insane on all levels instead.

    Notice the cramped nature of the start screen menu (split in half between "start menu" on the left, "start screen" on the right).

    And the fugly search bar at the bottom. The charms bar is gone, even though it was useful on the tablet.

    "Tablet mode" is desktop mode, just with the start menu maximized. It's fugly for everyone.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    , kettch wrote

    @wastingtimewithforums: Cortana was a very popular user request. Are you screaming in one post that Microsoft needs to listen to the customers and then in the next post saying that they shouldn't listen to the customers?

    What kind of cop-out answer is that.

    The Cortana requests were limited to Windows Phone and some gaming websites, while the backlash against Windows 8 was far more universal and measurable in the real world, yet all the things wrong about 8 are creeping into W10 with each new release.

    I am pretty sure the requests against the bleached out eye-cancer versions of Office and Visual Studio surpassed the Cortana votes, yet MS beeped on it. But "Cortana", yeah.. that's the ticket. The bizarro-world version of "we're listening".

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    By the way, anyone else noticed how stupid the "Cortana" name for the assistant in W10 is?

    Far more intuitive would be if this thing would be called "Windows" and you would call it up by saying "Hi, Windows" and it would call itself "Windows".. You're interacting with your computer, the OS is called Windows (in all its forms). Everyone calls it Windows, it's well known brand name. How many in comparison know Cortana? Cortana is no Lara Croft or Mario, let's not kid ourselves.

    It's like activating the current voice recognition software in Windows 7 by speaking "Hi Voice Recognition Software 1.0!" into the micro.

    "Siri" was smart because almost no one knows the name of the iPhone OS outside of the tech sphere, the phone keeping saying "iPhone has this and that" doesn't sound that well and the product lines are called differently at Appe (Mac, iPhone, iPad) so they needed a common theme through Siri. With "Windows" though it's completely different, phonetically and branding-wise. Everything from MS is called "Windows" (desktop, phone, tablet, server), except the xbone.

    Calling it Cortana is Apple envy yet again. The naming doesn't make sense whatsoever. On one hand they boost "WINDOWS" wherever possible, and then they wreck it again by bringing up some video game character the wider public is pretty superflous to into it.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    The feedback forums ARE already full with the point-items I am complaining about.



    I fully expect that.. Microsoft does not care. All the things that are wrong with Windows 10 were already wrong in Windows 8 and MS received quantillion feedbacks and it didn't matter. The only time MS had moments of clarity was when the backlash became too enourmous to ignore (that's when they added some sanity back into 8.1 and update 1 and announced the start menu in W10).

    Backlash, and not "contructive feedback" is the only language the current Microsoft understands. The very first W10 previews were apparently better than the latter ones. It's because the backlash against W8 was subduing after they announced to fix it with Windows 10 and they started to slip again.

    There is nothing rational about Microsoft post 2012. They need a constant, never-ending backlash to keep them from metrotarding. Backlash is their needed medicine, and they need heavy dosage of it. Their handling of W10 (and metroization of quality each new preview-release after the backlash subdued) is proof once again.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    , bondsbw wrote

    @wastingtimewithforums:  Have you used the Windows 10 feedback tool?  This forum probably doesn't make that much of a difference.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    , TexasToast wrote

    @wastingtimewithforums:I have to agree with about everything you said above but you must have some things you do like going forward in Windows.   If not, what is the alternative?  Don't mention anything with Apple either because they are worse.

    Well, I still have the hope they return at least to the sanity level of Windows 7 (at least it's still supported until 2020). If Windows 10 ships the way it is now (yikes!), they will receive yet another epic backlash and maybe that brain-parasite that sucked their brains out for the past three years finally falls off their heads.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    , vesuvius wrote


    wastingtimewithforums bashed Windows Vista, then bashed Windows 7, then bashed Windows 8 and is now bashing Windows 10

    I barely touched Vista, and with Windows 7 - yea, that UAC thing, I admit it. Still the point was valid in my opinion: Windows 8 and Windows 10 break down if UAC isn't activated (several key functions stop working), yet the whole architecture can be circumvented by a little code snippet. That's quite odd to say the least.

    I didn't bash Vista and W7 though, my critique was aimed at certain specific issues. Windows 8 though - yes I bashed it! And it fully deserved it and I stand by it.

    wastingtimewithforums raison d'etre is perennially to never ever be constructive or objective

    I beg to differ.

    , vesuvius wrote

    The way I have seen Windows develop is that Microsoft spends years planning each release

    That's why Windows 8 had no boot-to-desktop, start button and menu, while all the subsquent updates were mainly about adding those back! Quite the planning.

    , vesuvius wrote

    I have seen members of my family buy Windows 8 (while full of fear that they could not use it), and they use it fine (including someone partially blind)

    Look, I can dig up the same (rightful) claims about PC-BSD, so what. Fact is that W8 is one of the slowest growing Windows versions ever, still gets beaten easily by XP in terms of marketshare and... Windows 7 keeps growing! That ship has sailed. I can bombard you with my posts about the tons of usability issues that thing has (which were never refuted here) if you really want to play that game again.

    Also, since W8 debuted:

    Sinofsky left the building, Ballmer left the building, the start button is back, boot-to-desktop is back, the start menu is back, Windows 9 is called "10" to create as much space as possible from the previous version... Is that all really unrelated to Windows 8's "success story"?

    So, even MS noticed that something was rotten about that thing, and they did indeed some things right with the fixes in the subsquent versions, kudos to them, but unfortunately some key components still could suck through a garden hose. And that's why I have written the post.

    If search takes three times longer and bombards you with news about drowned people instead of presenting files, the start menu has less usability than the very first version from W95 and ALL the "modern" replacements for the Win32 ones look like * AND have less functionality AND are slower then it's still * on a fundamental level and needs fixing!

    It's as simple as that. Compare Word for DOS with Word 95, now compare the standard W32 programs included with W7 to the metro ones in W10.. that's not "afraid of change", that's afraid of lousy products! This is now the fourth iteration of the concept (8, 8 Update 1, 8.1, 10) and it still sucks! Just what's the * point? What's the damn excuse for this continued madness? At this point it can only be petty reasons, like some loon high up in the MS food-chain being a coward and not wanting to admit that the emperor is naked, despite the whole town knowing it already because he's performing at the strip club. It's just unbelievable that something like metro became apparently the ideology for a mult-billion dollar corporation for no good reason whatsoever, not even in a machiavellian sense (W8 didn't boost WP one iota; I wouldn't be surprised if W8s lousy reception actually stiffed WP, the MS devices offense is stuck on Blackberry level).

    They boot off APIs like it's no deal at all (Silverlight, WPF). They easily burried almost over night far more successful products than metro ever was (Windows Mobile, SBS), but metro, yeah, that's where the line needed to be drawn! Unbelievable. Really, a hipsterific phone GUI pimped up to be about one of the lousiest desktop OS interfaces ever invented... that's the thing they have felt unconditionally in love with?

    Fucked up! How about a pledge to be the company with the least data mining in the industry or being the company with the most motivated employees..

    But no, it had to be about pointlessly torturing their customers with a GUI from hell for several years now. That's about the most fucked up company mission I've ever seen. If you inflict pain, do it at least for a good reason!

    Microsoft is "attacking" iOS and Android in the same way an armed loon holding a family hostage and demanding access to Area 51 is attacking the government.

    Maybe metro works fine in very small doses (like on phones), but increase the dosage a little bit and it kills products. Salt on burgers is fine, putting a gallon of salt on a burger makes it poison. W8 had ten gallons of salt on it, W10 so far has nine.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    Today I finally tried the Windows 10 beta.. Ugh, it's such trash compared to Windows 7.

    The start menu is an abomination. The look and feel is totally off, - and all these metro sidewhows everywhere. It's incredible to say this, but even the W8 metro menu didn't feel this botched. Its handling and full screen nature was bad, but at least it felt somewhat designed, while the W10 start menu feels as if someone blotched it together in his spare time with no thought whatsoever. There are no jump lists, no integrated search function, the links to the central elements (documents, control panel) are cramped at the top and look like *. Bleh. No excuse for this trash!

    The search is clunky, searching for your files on your computer brings up news about ferry disasters and teenage-worded cortana messages. If you search for programs, the results aren't displayed in the start menu, but in an awkward separate window! It's just bad.

    Then there are funky recipes for disasters, like you cannot just search for updates anymore. If you search for Windows updates they get automatically installed, and you cannot review them before install nor can you deselect specific updates. Imagine the consequences for troubleshooting drivers and updates, not to mention that Microsoft regularly puts out faulty updates, in light of these realities -  what kind of retard greenlighted the updater in Windows 10?

    The metro/desktop schizophrenia is still there: Some bundled apps are Win32 (media player), some metro (PDF reader). The metro ones are fragmented: They still look fugly, but use some Win32 components, like the file-dialog in the PDF Reader. It's awkward: They are windowed, use some Win32 but still look alien. They also feel slower and buggier than the W32 pendants. It's so pointless. That trash heap of a calculator has the usability of a C64 program, less functions than W7 calc.exe, yet has a splash screen! Not even in the shadiest corners of the industry you can find such comparable "quality". I mean just look at the eloberate design scammers put into fake AV scanners! I wish Microsoft's metroistas had a tenth of that talent.

    The look of the icons of the system is something to behold.. they look like a mix between a hobbyist 90s Linux distro (explorer) and early Palm PDA (control panel).

    With Windows 8, you at least could think all this ugly had a machiavellian sense (to force metro), but with W10 it's as if its ugly just for ugly's sake.

    Windows 10 is a mess. If you have Windows 7, stay on it. If you are for some reason on W8.. W8 with a third party start menu looks better than native W10 and at least Windows Update works sane.

    I think the only logical conclusion is that some key people at Microsoft (not only Ballmer) just "cracked" somewhere between Apple slamdunking with the iDevices and the public rejecting W8. There is no other explanation. After the disastrous welcoming of Windows 8, the hovering-on-rounding-error marketshares of W8 tablets and Windows Phone... STILL coming up with something like W10 is just mental. With Windows 8 there was at least the theoretical possibility that brute-force shoving of metro would lead to WP sales (which failed), but now they are just doing it for the heck of it. While W8 felt forced and awkward, in W10 I feel just bombarded with utterly pointless fugly and clunk.

    I don't think there is any business reason for this madness, not even "selling apps", because porting the Windows Store to Windows 7 or offer a sane looking Windows with a store would be infinitely more successful than continuing pumping out these metro abortions and fugly menu-mutants

    It's a company-wide pathological madness, insanity and the subconcious desire to stick it to the users for not liking W8, metro and WP.

    It's personal. No other sane explanations for offering this mess.

  • Told ya (dotnet)

    In opposite to W8, no hate involved here, just clarification.

    On this very thread are people who assumed Winforms and WPF were included. If MS confuses seasoned .NET developers, what does it tell about their PR in this case?