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William Kempf wkempf
  • Microsoft Hello

    @kettch: Other way around. They are related technology, but Passport/FIDO use Hello, while Hello is (at least conceptually, who knows what they did in the implementation) ignorant of FIDO.

  • Microsoft Hello

    Yeah, Hello is cool, but I'm more interested in Passport/FIDO. The death of passwords!!!

  • There is no escape from the suck-train!

    @BitFlipper: I've not seen it proven anywhere that it doesn't patch WU. In order to install the Win10 preview via WU, it has to be patched. I assume this does that, in addition to this "advertising" stuff.

    I honestly don't know how I feel about the advertising. All depends on the experience in the end, which NONE of us have seen yet. I do, however, have problems calling it malware. Crapware, maybe, but this isn't malware. 

  • Rust 1.0 beta released

    Yeah, very interesting language. Has a ways to go before it sees mainstream usage, but I really like the memory model.

  • Windows may go open source

    @Bass:Read the article more carefully. He didn't volunteer this, he was specifically asked if it were possible, and said yes, they talk about it all the time. That does NOT mean there's any plans, or that it's likely to happen, only that it's possible. It may well happen, but it's not imminent. Not even planned. You won't see this happen any time soon. 

  • I made a big mistake.

    @magicalclick: I honestly don't believe you, but even if so, who cares? I doubt what your company shipped is even a fraction as complex as an OS. In any case, it doesn't change a thing I said. The snark would be inappropriate in a bug report, and it's not really warranted even in a casual forum like this, when the bugs you encountered are in beta software, and were even called out in the release notes. I get your frustration, but the blame lies with yourself.

  • I made a big mistake.

    @bondsbw: "I trusted MS", "Good job Microsoft" and other such comments are inappropriate in bug reports, even if this were the proper place for reporting bugs.

    As for the "new model" nonsense spouted... no one ever claimed there'd be more stability here. If anyone ever makes such a claim, you can laugh at them with impunity. Unicorns don't exist.

  • I made a big mistake.

    @magicalclick: Oh, give it a rest. Win10 is beta software. They've made it available for you test and provide feedback, not for you to use it on a production machine. That's very clearly spelled out all over the place. You couldn't have downloaded and installed Win10 without knowing that. The fact that there are bugs is to be expected. Bad mouthing Microsoft here just makes you look bad.

  • I'd like to learn HOW to create 'Hello World!' as a universal windows app

    I've not created any of the new universal apps yet, but it sounds to me like you've done something wrong. The video presentations I've seen indicate the new universal apps are single projects. What you described is the universal app structure that existed for Win8.1 and WP8.1. Are you certain you downloaded the latest VS2015 (CTP 6)? Are you running it on Win10?

    With the solution you created the windows app is an executable that runs in Windows, while the Windows Phone app is an executable that runs on WP. Meanwhile, the Share project contains source code that is compiled with both of the other two projects.

  • Does C# need AOP built in?

    @Proton2: Uhh... yeah. As much as I dislike single inheritance only languages, there's nothing that makes multiple inheritance more "pure".