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William Kempf wkempf
  • Desktop App Supported Screen Resolution

    Today I think you can count 1024x768 for the screen, but honestly your windows need to go smaller unless you're talking about an in-house app where you can dictate otherwise. Many users don't run their apps full screen, obviously.

  • C# Arrays Question

    The article is just wrong. There's no such thing as static/dynamic arrays in .NET. Arrays in .NET are fixed length. I will point out that what figuerres said about List is a bit misleading... you can use LINQ on Array types just as easily as you can on List types. Other than that, he's correct. The List type is what you'll want to use, in general, for a collection type that can change in size.

    All that said, you can "declare an array without knowing its size first." Array declarations don't specify a size.

    int[] a; // No size specified

    This array reference can now be assigned to any integer array of any size.

  • Apple exemplifies everything that's wrong with Silicon Valley

    , cbae wrote


    That's fine, but it's not making any meaningful impact on the economy as a whole. It's doing nothing to deserve the hype that it gets.

    Neither does Guardian's of the Galaxy, but what's your point? Hype rarely is given to something of substance. It's given to something that the "masses" find interesting.

    Seriously, I get the point, but the point is also almost meaningless. That is, to anyone other than an economist. To an investor, you can't really say the same thing. It's a "safe bet" to invest in something that consistently is hyped or that is recently starting to gain attention, regardless of whether or not that thing is going to impact the world in any substantial way. From a business POV, if money is available there, it doesn't matter much if it's for trivial entertainment, either.

  • Apple exemplifies everything that's wrong with Silicon Valley

    , cbae wrote

    The story is about how little the "innovations" from today's hyped-up tech companies (i.e. Silicon Valley companies or "Big Tech") have done for productivity growth, economic growth, or standard of living increase.

    The exact same thing can be said about Hollywood, but there's so much money there that the statement is meaningless. So what? Consumers want it badly enough that there's huge money to be made, whether or not it improves productivity (it does the opposite), improves economic growth (it improves *someone's* economic growth) or improves the standard of living (it improves *someone's* standard of living).

  • What % of people use Visual Studio Database Project?

    , RealBboy360 wrote

    I'm just wondering, how many people actually use the VS Database project, and if I use it, is there a chance MS will kill it in the future?

    Is there a chance MS will kill it? I think it's more than a chance. Everything comes to an end eventually. The real question is probably not whether or not it will be killed, but what people expect the lifetime will be. That would be mostly speculation, but you seem to be asking for some speculation?

  • Apple only supports Safari for their iPhone 6 Annoucement

    The idea is that this is supposed to be a benefit to their existing customers, not an a "free ad" for everyone. Still lame, but I get the idea.

  • Fake cellular towers found spying on calls, texts, in USA

    Oh no, there's still something to report. Legal or not, these "IMSI Catchers" (if that's what these are) are still something most people don't know exist and are a security concern to say the least. If they are regularly being used around military bases, that's information worth knowing, and we certainly should be asking why and by whom. While it could be the military monitoring it's own base, it just as easily could be "the bad guys" trying to spy on our military. Even if it's the military, don't you think we should know that they are doing it?

    There's plenty of news here. I just think too many people (possibly even the reporters) are jumping to conclusions. Heck, the articles are written so poorly that even I may be totally wrong and there may well be giant cell towers erected here. I just find that unlikely for all of the reasons already pointed out.

  • new info around Midori team

    , JohnAskew wrote


    Is it safe to assume that M# will be merged into C#? New namespaces? And Midori perhaps replacing or merging into the Windows kernel?

    It's unlikely M# will be merged into C#. The kinds of things they are doing don't sound like they'd be backwards compatible (i.e. existing C# code might not compile with the M# compiler). IOW, this would be like merging C++ into C.

  • Fake cellular towers found spying on calls, texts, in USA

     Nothing really new in that article. The map indicates where "towers" were found by the CryptoPhone. It doesn't say that the physical towers are located there (hard to word this so it makes sense). Each one of those pins could be a location where a backpack sized box was placed on top of the tallest building in the area. No FCC or FAA violations. If you watch the video @blowdart posted you'll see this demonstrated with a rig that is 100% legal (so the presenter claims) so long as the operator has a HAM radio license.

    I'm not claiming any of this is good and that we shouldn't be concerned and investigating. But the idea that somehow giant towers have been erected just so the government can spy on us sounds like a massive over reach based only on what we do know.

    There's towers and there's "towers". :)

  • Fake cellular towers found spying on calls, texts, in USA

    You know that gigantic FM radio tower regulated by the FCC with lights mandated by the FAA? Here's the equivalent in a device that costs around $10 and is a couple of inches in size: http://www.amazon.com/Patuoxun-Transmitter-Adapter-Galaxsy-Charger/dp/B00GLPG03Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409857476&sr=8-1&keywords=fm+transmitter. The only practical difference between this and the tower is the distance in which it can transmit. Cell towers are more sophisticated, but not overly much. I know nothing about them, but it's easy to believe boxes exist that are small enough to fit in your pack back that can act as a cell tower within a fairly large radius that could be detected by these CryptoPhones.