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William Kempf wkempf
  • Student's suspension for IM buddy icon upheld by US court

    Skriker V1.0 wrote:

    This is quite extreme.. what happned to Freedom of speech and expression!!!

    This is hardly extreme.  What's extreme is what so many people think "freedom of speech" means.

    1.  Just because there are things you can't say in do in certain situations, such as at work, does not mean you have no freedom of speech.

    2.  Not all speech is covered under the concept of free speech.  For example, slander and exciting to riot.  If the kid had an AIM icon that showed a gun shooting a specific teacher in the head, he's lucky he only got suspended.  This could be construed as a threat, and much harsher legal actions could have, and probably should have been taken.

    The "Bong hits for Jesus" case was a little extreme.  This one is not.

  • C++ Newbie Questions

    retierney wrote:

    I'm absolutely new at this and please forgive me if this is not the correct place to ask these questions but here are some questions I could really use some answers to.  I am going to be taking some C++ courses at a local college and I want to set my personal computer up so that I can do some C++ learning/development.  I may have the opportunity to use C++ in my job in the future.

    Should I buy Visual Studio 2005 as my development environment?

    You certainly could, but for learning purposes, if you budget is tight, you could just use VS C++ Express: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/downloads/.

    retierney wrote:

    I understand what the C++ Standard Library is but does it come as part of Visual Studio 2005?

    Yes.  You can't really be considered a C++ compiler if you don't include the standard libraries.

    retierney wrote:

    What is the Standard Template Library and does it come with Visual Studio 2005?

    It's a library of collections and algorithms to use on the collections.  You'll learn a lot more about them then this stupid sentence explains, but that should be enough of a description to get you going.  It's important to note, however, that most of what the STL included is now part of the C++ Standard Library.  This is confusing, because some people will refer to the standard library as the STL, when technically it's not.  You'll probably not use the STL, but will instead learn the standard library, which as I just said, comes with your compiler.

    retierney wrote:

    What exactly is the MSDN  Library and should I invest in this?

    Thank you for your patience...

    The MSDN Library is a huge set of documentation that includes API documentation as well as programming articles and sample code.  An offline version comes with the compiler (I don't know about Express), while the online version is available free on the web.  No investment needed.  So, maybe you meant an MSDN Subscription instead?  That includes the library, as well as developer versions of many Microsoft software packages, such as operating systems, office, SQL Server, development tools, etc.  Probably not something you'll want to invest in just for learning purposes, because subscriptions aren't cheap (though they are worth the money).

  • WTF rant

    mVPstar wrote:
    Rossj wrote:
    But did you even watch the video - you can't see the flattened cube being useful? Me I'd love to be able to see the state of N virtual desktops and be able to drag windows between them.

    But, wouldn't it being a cube limit down to six the number of virtual desktops you could have.

    So it wouldn't technically be "n" desktops.


    What exactly is the point of multiple desktops? Why not just minimize your apps to the taskbar when you're not using them?

    I'm curious to see in which scenarios a user would need to have more than around 7 apps open at a time (to make minimizing cumbersome and cluttered)

    I don't know about "need" (technically, you only ever need 1, since you can task switch by closing one and opening another), but it's not unusual for me to have 20+ windows open.  So be careful with statements like this... there are people who will always push the envelope.  And telling them they don't "need" to isn't helpful to anyone.

  • Vista More Secure then Linux and OSX

    uriel wrote:
    julianbenjamin wrote:
    uriel wrote:

    Then by all means don't! But don't act like you are some kind of Linux expert to me and let me know how much better Windows is. Here are something Windows zealots can't seem to comprehend: Most Linux users were former Windows users. We are much more creditable then your cred just for this reason alone.

    But, here's something you (linux zealot?) don't seem to comprehend: most of the people on this forum have tried Linux (or even use it to manage servers at work, at an ISP, etc), and still chose Windows over it.  So I don't see how "former Windows users" are more credible.

    I don't believe that one bit. If people here used Linux recently they wouldn't be so hateful or FUDish about it. Sorry.

    1.  I'm one such person.
    2.  I'm not hateful, or FUDish.
    3.  Linux is a great tool for certain tasks.
    4.  Windows is a great tool for other tasks.
    5.  In my experience, Windows is far easier to use, even for the tasks that Linux is a better tool.
    6.  I hardly ever see "Windows zealots".  I see people defend the OS of their choice against other zealots, but a zealot initiates it with FUD and hate.

    Linux has two major problems.  One is that the developer base is too L337 to realize they need to fix their interface.  The tools perform wonderfully, but it takes a skilled computer hacker much too long to perform tasks he's not done before, much less Aunt Tillie having a hope of performing said task.

    The second problem isn't technical, and it's probably the biggest problem.  Linux has too many zealots, trolls, cry babies, anti-social nutcases and fringe-politic people.

  • Silverlight in 21 days!

    Rich2k wrote:

    I've not played with it, or looked at Moonlight but if it's not 100% complete, then how have they implemented it in 21 days?  Seems to me they have some working examples but not a complete silverlight implementation.

    Not to say they haven't done good work, because they have.

    No one claimed it was "complete".  But it sounds like it's beyond just "run a few specific examples" and is closer to beta quality for this sort of thing.  With out a spec to base it on, it won't ever be "complete".

  • Silverlight in 21 days!

    Xaero_Vincent wrote:
    Since this is open source, can we expect Moonlight to be ported elsewhere (freebsd, solaris, ...)?

    Definately.  Mono runs just about everywhere, and I think you can expect they'd do the same with Moonlight.

  • Awww the GPL won't invalidate the MS/​Novell/​Distro patent

    cornelius wrote:
    i wonder what our resident linux trolls have to say...

    *chirp, chirp.... .... .... .... chirp chirp*

  • Silverlight in 21 days!

    cornelius wrote:
    The past 21 days have been some of the most intense hacking days that I have ever had and the same goes for my team that worked 12 to 16 hours per day every single day --including weekends-- to implement Silverlight for Linux in record time. We call this effort Moonlight.

    lol talk about slave labor! fairplay to them and to microsoft by having software being developed for them for free

    I've put in worse hours.  Not smart for companies to expect this kind of output, but I'd not classify it as slave labor.  Especially in this specific case, where it was done by volunteers who wanted to succeed at any cost.

  • Silverlight in 21 days!

    footballism wrote:
    If they really ended up implementing the Moonlight within the alleged days, then you by no means should use it


    I know you're joking, but did you read the post linked to?  They don't claim it's 100% complete.  Nor do they claim there's no bugs.  Nor do they claim it's production ready.  They haven't released a build for these very reasons.  However, they've implemented enough in those 21 days to run several sample applications and probably have enough to declare "beta" quality.

  • Silverlight in 21 days!

    And I don't mean one of those cheesy development books that claim you can learn a technology in only 21 days.  No, I mean the Mono team, though volunteers, managed to implement Moonlight, their Silverlight implementation on Linux, in only 21 days!


    No matter how you dice this, no matter what you think of .NET/Mono and Silverlight/Moonlight, this is something massively impressive and we should all be singing praises to those that have achieved this!

    I'm excited by this, and I have no interest in Silverlight/Moonlight.  I'd rather have cross platform WPF.  But 21 days?!!  Wow!!