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William Kempf wkempf
  • JLINQ - WTF?!?

    Nope, I don't work for either company.

  • JLINQ - WTF?!?


    Someone really doesn't get what "language integrated query" means.  I mean, REALLY doesn't get it.  This isn't LINQ.  It's IINQ (prounounced "ink", and stands for IDE integrated query).

  • JLINQ - WTF?!?

    TommyCarlier wrote:
    At least they got the J right.


    Love that quote.  However, this is an Eclipse plugin, so I'm not so sure they did get the J right.  Those using Netbeans may be upset that this JThingy won't work there.  Then again, maybe not.

  • JLINQ - WTF?!?

    I'm not sure the "Java faithful" are worried (though maybe the should be).  I think what happened here is someone decided to code up his own take on an ORM.  With tight integration with an IDE, some of the headaches of traditional ORM implementations can be lessened (not sure they succeeded there, but I can see the attempt being made).  Once created, we have to find a name.  Hey, there's this nifty name over here that we can borrow and get attention using, even though there's basically no relation at all.

    IOW, this was a very bad "marketing strategy" by IBM, and not a general indicator of the Java community at large.

    But wow!  I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that this was called JLINQ.  Such a horrendous mistake.  And the fact that there's 7 up votes and 3 down votes on DZone for this!  And one of those down votes was my own, and another was from "blowdart.signon.com" who I'm guessing is our blowdart, and he probably found this and voted it down because of this post.

    I've found some interesting things on DZone, but there have been enough questionable things on there lately (including a post about an article I wrote for CUJ years ago), that I'm wondering if it's worth continuing to monitor that one.

  • JLINQ - WTF?!?

    How is this keeping confusion to a minimum.  LINQ means integrating queries into the language itself.  JLINQ does not do this.  THAT is confusing at best.

  • JLINQ - WTF?!?


    First, using the name LINQ may be legally safe (I don't know), but it's still shoddy of a company such as IBM to do such a thing.  Second, using such a name certainly makes you expect it to be similar in concept, which this surely is not.  Third, in what way can you construe this to be "language integrated query"?  There's no language integration of queries being done here.  You write actual SQL code and let the IDE translate that into more traditional code.  This makes it not even an interesting take on an ORM, let alone LINQ.

    I found this on DZone: http://www.dzone.com/rsslinks/jlinq.html.  Can't believe it's being voted up there.

    Edit:  Oh, and "objectization"?!?  WTF!

  • infinite space indefinitely


  • How Did You End Up in Tech?

    I graduated in '92, in Nebraska.  Bad economy, coupled with there being few technical jobs available in the region any way meant it took a long time to find something.  When I did, it was working for a grain mill.  So 70% of my job was non-computer related.  I hated that job, but put up with it for about 2 years.  Then a head hunter contacted me at work with a position writing software to track credit card fraud.  Much better.

  • Warning about new Vista Updates

    W3bbo wrote:
    wkempf wrote:
    A reboot resolved the issue.  No clue where it moved the profile to in order to be able to restore it, but it appears to be back to normal.

    It didn't move it. Your "empty" profile was a temporary one used in lieu.

    C:\Users\wekempf held all of my profile before the issue.  After the issue, C:\Users\wekempf was basically empty.  After the reboot, C:\Users\wekempf held all of my files again.  Sorry, the contents were moved somewhere.  It may have all be done via junction points, but I couldn't find the missing contents before the reboot.

  • Warning about new Vista Updates

    A reboot resolved the issue.  No clue where it moved the profile to in order to be able to restore it, but it appears to be back to normal.