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William Kempf wkempf
  • Scroogled

    @magicalclick: Precisely. Very few (sane) people have problems with these types of investigations. There was enough evidence he was doing something illegal, and that there'd be more evidence to find with a targeted search, to warrant such a search. Normal legal avenues (obtaining a search warrant) couldn't be done, so the basic equivalent was. Of course, without a paper trail and full disclosure we only have Microsoft's word for this, but I see no reason to assume they are not telling the truth. Especially since they now tell use they will provide some of this from this point forward.

  • Scroogled

    @fanbaby: Every thing they say they will do in the future they did in this case (except go to a retired judge). They didn't arbitrarily snoop the guys e-mail, nor did they search it before having a third party unrelated to the investigation conclude there was enough evidence to warrant the search. They were pretty above board here, and if you think any other company would have done any differently, well, you're naïve.

  • This looks fun

    Actually, just like with smart phones and tablets, Microsoft was early to market but failed to capitalize on it, then let it stagnate while others actually moved forward.

  • Report: Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Xamarin


    In the comments there, many people are suggesting Microsoft make WPF cross platform as part of this. WPF is too large for this, but it would make sense to provide WinRT across platforms. Especially if they did that as true WinRT, meaning there'd be language bindings for native languages as well. Of course, that's a very non-trivial thing to do, especially with some of the artificial platform restrictions created by some fruity company.

  • Report: Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Xamarin

    @figuerres: I don't see it that way. What we're looking for is being able to write portable applications, leveraging as much of the code base as we can on each platform. Today, the closest you can come to doing that is using JavaScript/HTML. That's a monoculture we'd be breaking by (re-)introducing Xamarin, giving you choices so that you can choose the best tool for the job you have.

  • Report: Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Xamarin

    @fanbaby: The biggest thing it would change would be the cost ;). Other things we could hope for... a focus on cross platform by Microsoft, an increase in feature parity for Xamarin/Mono, and a change in attitude towards Microsoft from the developer community. Obviously none of those are a given, but they are all possibilities that could come out of the acquisition.

  • Report: Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Xamarin

    @Ian2: Except in the last two years or so, they've forgotten all about "developers, developers, developers". It's hurt them badly. I just hope they realize that, and turn it around. With out developers in their ecosystem, their ecosystem will slowly die. Money may come from the consumers, but without developers there's little incentive for consumers to be interested in the ecosystem and they'll walk away.

    @figuerres: I'm all for that, but honestly, Mono is pretty close to having feature parity with everything not in the Microsoft specific stack of APIs. So, rather than work on Mono, it would be better to Open Source the Microsoft specific APIs that don't have OS specific requirements. Then those would be directly usable by Mono.

  • Report: Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Xamarin

    @cbae: Pretty damn close to my thoughts. I've been saying for months that purchasing Xamarin might be the only way Microsoft can make developers interested again. Heck, they don't even have to buy it. Invest enough money in it that Xamarin prices can be brought down to something most can afford (in the twitter thread Miguel seemed to acknowledge it was too expensive, but feels he can't afford to lower the price).

    Ideally, I'd say buy it. Then OpenSource the whole damn thing. Stop making money directly off developers, but rather make it indirectly by having them targeting your ecosystem. .NET is slowly moving in that direction anyway... speed up the pace.

  • Microsoft Consumer Reader

    @spivonious: Books, probably not. Newspapers? Maybe. Wouldn't be a runaway success, but if porting was basically free, like it sounds like it may be in the near future, then why not? You'll make a handful of people happy, while everyone just scratches their heads and don't bother installing it.

  • Microsoft Consumer Reader


    First, change the name before you release this. That name is probably the worst name I've ever heard associated with a Microsoft product. Stop and think about that for a little bit.

    Second, this had better support B&N's DRM as well as ADE DRM. If you really want to hit one out of the park, support MOBI and Kindle DRM as well. Magazine, newspaper and comic book support would be a big plus. Rather than going for lock-in, make this thing work with content from anywhere. Use some sort of plugin system for adding DRM support from third parties we're not even aware of yet.

    Include a store, even if that store is B&N.

    I have no idea if the anyone on the team working on this reads C9, but if they do and you're looking for serious beta testers, contact me. :)

    As for the B&N partnership, I don't have problems with them getting out of writing apps if Microsoft does a good job picking up the slack, and I don't mind Microsoft not creating an eReader device, but it does make sense for both companies to maintain a partnership here. Let each company do what they do best. That's probably the best strategy for taking on the existing ecosystems. Heck, Microsoft doing the apps could vastly improve the quality of apps even on non-Microsoft devices, which is good for the ecosystem. B&N hasn't been that great on the software side, even if the Nook eReader app for Win8 is so much better than the Kindle app.