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William Kempf wkempf
  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    @sysrpl: I meant HTML/CSS/JS. A framework on top of that won't change much here.

  • After upgrading IE8 to IE11, the most important things started to suck

    @fanbaby: I don't get it. I tried those searches in both Google and Bing and get nearly identical results? 

  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    @sysrpl: I call BS. Just like everything, some things will be incredibly easy. But actually USE this stuff for something significant and then talk to me about how easy it is. I've got lots of experience with this stack of technologies, and I'll laugh in your face if you tell me it's easy.

  • Telerik being sold to progress software

    , vesuvius wrote

    @RealBboy360: This week is already turning out to be pretty dramatic with the Office Everywhere announcement.

    Personally speaking, Telerik, ComponentOne, DevExpress, Infragistics etc and all those types of companies are having to adapt or die as the direction Microsoft is taking is going to drive them out of business anyway, the reality is that there is no third party ecosystem or Partners really anymore for Microsoft.

    Microsoft's future plans are about doing what Telerik, ComponentOne, DevExpress, Infragistics have always done, so those companies are all going to have to seek new business which is competing with Azure.

    The UI frameworks we have been obsessed with as developers through the noughties are no longer the focus for Microsoft, so the aforementioned people that have made money by creating time saving tools can either hang onto their current customer base for the next ten years and see sales steeply declining year on year, especially since most of them are tied to Windows, and that isn't a first class citizen to Microsoft anymore.

    Wha? Windows is still a first class citizen, it's just no longer the only platform they care about. Microsoft isn't now in the business of creating controls anymore than they used to be. Telerik et. al. were never tied solely to Windows as they also provided web controls. The need for controls to improve developer productivity isn't going away in this day and age... in fact it's probably more in demand as there are fewer controls available for the newer web and mobile platforms.

    I didn't understand a thing you just said. :)

  • Microsoft Watch

    Marvel's Agents of Shield is one of those shows that's basically a Microsoft add platform. All phones are Lumias, all "laptops" are Surfaces, etc. In a recent episode they had this.


    (Via Mary Jo Foley/Twitter/Erdim)

    Could that be the rumored watch?

  • Microsoft Watch

    @Bas: If they sell, there must be a leader. But I really don't think you can claim "follow the leader" this time. The recent trend towards wearables is way too new for anyone to be considered "following" here. Heck, this time Microsoft stands a minor chance of being a player ;).

  • i hate that volume 13 limit !!!!!

    @magicalclick: Again, this doesn't have anything to do with BT. You should get the same warnings regardless of BT, USB, audio jack or built-in speaker. Emphasis on should... I'm still not convinced there's bugs here.

  • i hate that volume 13 limit !!!!!

    Well, here's a bit of official documentation on this with ways to customize the OS to disable this or change the level. https://dev.windowsphone.com/en-US/OEM/docs/Customization/Audio_volume_limitation

    So, some of the randomness can be explained. It resets when you reboot, and it warns after 20 hours of high volume listening. Those two would probably account for most of the randomness I've seen... though I believe there must still be a bug here, as I've seen it happen twice within 5 minutes with no reboot.

    Wish there were an easy way to apply this customization and disable the damn warning all together. At the very least, MS needs to make this more intelligent, as the phones volume level doesn't always mean anything about the actual volume level at which the user is listening. Most (all?) BT devices have their own volume controls and require your phone to be at 30 to actually function well. Even wired head phones sometimes include volume controls.

  • i hate that volume 13 limit !!!!!

    WP isn't the only device with this "issue", as Android users are complaining as well. http://forums.androidcentral.com/google-nexus-4/229041-how-do-i-disable-unsafe-volume-warning.html

    It's evidently a requirement by EU law... though I'd hope the user experience would be better than what we have. If I've been listening to something at 30 for the past half hour, dropping it to 20/13 suddenly isn't a reasonable thing to do, no matter what laws are on the book in any location.

  • i hate that volume 13 limit !!!!!

    @MasterPi: It's not BT related, but it's seemingly random with several people claiming to have never seen it. http://forums.wpcentral.com/nokia-lumia-icon/269506-volume-warning.html

    Like I said, sometimes I can go weeks without seeing this, and I listen for 2-3 hours every day via BT in my car. There was one time when I dismissed the warning and cranked the volume back up just to have it turn it back down on me less than 5 minutes later. :P