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  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone


    You're a stand-up guy.   I appreciate that you came here to explain the time-delay between the video and the time the comments.

    I appreciate you know that we as users need the update, want the update, and would love to have the update.

    I believe that it is important to you that Microsoft work to streamline the process, and what's even more -- I know you guys will.

    I can't wait for next week, when the "Where my phone update" will be updated, the carriers will get a nice goose and the whole process will get moving.

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7!



  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    Thanks, Joe, we're all rooting for you and Wndows Phone 7.  It works great now, but it can be SO MUCH BETTER. 

    But better takes time.   How much time is a problem, because every ticking second lowers the customer response numbers, and the developer value. 

    This video is relatively old in internet time, but Unfortunately, some specific quotes from it worry me. 

    NoDo "We expect to get them all out there, in a matter of time, depending on
    specifics."   We need to know when.  I'm on AT&T with an LG Quantum which I love.  I expect Microsoft and AT&T to have a meeting on Monday March 28th, and the go online and even on TV and discuss specifics, AND commitments.

    Mango: "Significant update release we’ll have available more toward the end of this
    year."    You guys know that this is what everyone is waiting for, and the feature set that will make WP7 on par with Android and iOS.    NOW is the time to make commitments on that as well.  If you need a few more engineers to pull in the schedule, GET THEM and DO IT.  An excellent time to get Mango into the hands of AT&T customers is September, when most people start holiday buying.   If EVERYTHING won't make it, release a smaller update.

    In fact, I think a 3 month update schedule would be best.   I know this will mean a lot of testing, but your testing should be very automated after this update cycle, so it is do-able.

    On the other hand, I am happy to hear that the Verizon iOS 4.3.1 update is delayed, but the AT&T isn't.  That makes me giggle a little, because Apple can get a little bad press as well.

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7


  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    Well, Joe is upbeat because he has the update!  He probably has Mango too!

    At any rate, the WP7 platform is great, I have the most solid smartphone experience I ever had with any phone with my LG Quantum.

    I do hate AT&T for taking so long to test the update.  I wish THEY would explain what the process is so we can understand why it takes so long.  I encourage everybody to use twitter to frequently ask them about the testing progress and when it will complete.   Also use facebook and go the "Where is my WP7 update" discussion page at ATT's wall.

    I'm a Systems engineer/Project Engineer by trade and would like to offer my assistance to you at MS.   I think we can work together to solve the problems, or at least communicate them better.

    I do hope some of these more irate people don't do anything foolish, but I can see where they could get miffed by having to wait "several weeks" for a rollout that should take just a week or so.

    My wife and I love Windows Phone 7, and I like being a developer of the platform.  I've not posted anything yet, but I do like the way that Microsoft courts developers.   They do have that part of the equation right.

    As for the update problems, I do expect Microsoft to make the update process better, and faster.

    Microsoft, you can reach me through my login here if you wish.

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7, everybody.