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CSS3 Font and Text Properties - 13


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In this lesson we focus on the CSS properties specific to modifying font and text properties on HTML5 web pages. Tune in for a discussion about font-family stacks, common units used for defining relative and absolute sizes, the various font-related modifiers, and much more.


Download the source code for CSS3 Font and Text Properties


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  • Thanks for this great lesson , It includes a  lot of the geeky stuff that are usually ignored although they are important.

    Good link  is  mentioned in this lesson:


    What is the difference between font-size: smaller and small ? , also between larger and large ?; they look the same in example provided .

  • Greg Duncangduncan411 It's amazing what a professional photographer can do...
    Opening thread...
  • Hey Bob,

    What's the difference between

    (1)font-variant:smallcaps and text-transform:uppercase?

    (2)vertical-align:top and vertical-align:bottom?

    (3)vertical-align:text-top and vertical-align:text-bottom?

    I'm only asking because I couldn't spot any differences in the way they're styling text...

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