ARCast with Ron Jacobs

Keeping up on the latest trends in architecture is hard. With new products and technologies constantly flowing from Microsoft you need someone who can cut through the fluff and get to the bottom line. Someone who understands what you are thinking… someone who can tell a good joke.

Join your host Ron Jacobs and guests from product teams, Microsoft customers and partners as Ron takes on the tough topics with an attitude.

  • - Windows Server AppFabric in action monitoring and troubleshooting
    6 minutes, 36 seconds
  • ARCast.TV - TDD / MVP with Ron Jacobs
  • - Do Atomic Transactions violate SOA Autonomy Tenet?
  • ARCast - Secure, Reliable Transacted Messaging with WCF (Part 1)
    27 minutes, 48 seconds
  • ARCast - Autonomous Services
    27 minutes, 29 seconds
  • ARCast.TV - Change Your Life By Podcasting with Carl Franklin
  • ARCast.TV - Spring.NET with Mark Pollack
  • ARCast.TV - WCF Session Behavior from Slovenia
  • ARCast.TV - Rapid Response with Udi Dahan
  • - The Agile Architect with Jeffrey Palermo