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VC++ Bytes 2-3: Additional Coding Productivity Features in VS"14" CTP 2


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Visual Studio "14" CTP 2 has been out for more than a week now, where you can find all the features in today's episode (and more!)

Jump to...
[00:24] Implement Pure Virtuals
[05:02] Move Definition Location
[07:43] Improvements to Find in Files*

*Improvements apply to all languages, not just Visual C++ (but our C++ dev worked on it =P)

Click here to download for free!


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  • freeflyfreefly

    What took you guys so long ? Actually C++ is the language that need more help from intellisense, IDE, tooling and refactoring.

  • The new search is really great! Remembering which results I had already looked at could have been pretty hard.

  • Short, sweet and useful.  Thanks!

  • Simon BuchanSimon Buchan

    This would probably be a lot more exciting if it were not for the Resharper for C++ EAP :) That said, glad to see C++ getting some love, and I do like the use of code peek for refactoring results (which R# needs to steal).

  • David LowndesDavid Lowndes

    The new find facility looks good. Can you undo accidental deletes from the results pane?

    Regarding the first feature shown - implementing pure virtual functions. Just a nit pick - can you please drop the extra blank lines inserted between both the comments and the function definitions to the header file? I think that's look better.

  • This is really exciting stuff. The new find in files is great and I love all the new refactoring options.

  • @David Lowndes: You cannot undo accidental deletes, unfortunately. You'll just have to run the search again =P

    I'll make sure our devs consider the spacing suggestion!
    Update: I believe the spacing has been fixed; let us know when we release CTP4!

  • Please allow addins to write to the Find Results window, so that they can take advantage of the new outlining & deleting features.

    Currently, "find-in-files-like" addins have to create their own "output" windows, which (probably) won't get the outlining & deleting.

  • ScottScott

    very useful, good!

  • @ijprest2

    I have passed along your feedback to the appropriate VS team, though I don't know if they'll get around to it in an ideal timeframe for you >.<

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