Defrag Tools: #74 - Windows 8.1 - Frame.GetNavigationState Crash


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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder walk you through a common issue in Windows Store applications that use Frame.GetNavigationState. We use a Windows Store 8.1 app sample to show how using complex objects as a parameter in navigation can cause serialization to raise an exception.

Frame.Navigate methods
Windows 8.1 Application Samples
Defrag Tools SkyDrive (inc. Scripts and ProcDumpExt)

[03:00]Frame.Navigate methods
[03:53] - Parameter must be a char/string/numeric/GUID
[05:42]XAML Navigation sample
[07:00] - Complex parameter works if you don't call GetNavigationState
[09:56] - XAML Frame x:Name
[11:50] - Exception in GetNavigationState
[14:00] - SuspensionManager class
[15:35] - Email us your issues at


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