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Defrag Tools: Live - TechEd 2014 - Paula Januszkiewicz Part 1


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Paula Januszkiewicz joins Andrew Richards and Larry Larsen for two live sessions of Defrag Tools. We go through a wide variety of security topics. This episode focuses on the way you should behave on unknown networks, the use of USB sticks, and password retention.

Paula's TechEd Sessions:
TWC: CSI: Windows - Techniques for Finding the Cause of the Unexpected System Takeovers
TWC: Recalling Windows Memories: Useful Guide to Retrieving and Analyzing Memory Content
TWC: Hacker's Perspective on Your Windows Infrastructure: Mandatory Check List

[00:00] - Welcome Paula!
[00:45] - Security while travelling
[03:25] - USB Sticks
[05:05] - Kiosks
[07:23] - Windows XP
[09:31] - Bitcoin
[10:45] - Password Storage
[12:10] - Encryption
[13:03] - New PC
[14:20] - General Public Security and Privacy
[15:40] - Future of Security
[17:30] - Social Engineering
[20:30] - How to become a Security Analyst
[21:50] - Credible Movies/Books
[23:08] - Voting
[25:40] - Name Servers & IPv4/IPv6
[27:22] - Encrypting Email
[28:15] - Transferring and Remotely Accessing Files
[30:24] - Part 2 talks about Tools next week!


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