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Edge Show 114 - Log Management and Other Intelligence Packs in System Center Advisor (Microsoft Azure Operational Insights)


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Update on October 28, 2014: During TechEd Europe, System Center Advisor has been rebranded as Microsoft Azure Operational Insights.  Learn more here: https://preview.opinsights.azure.com.

In this episode Symon interviews Joseph Chan, a Principal Program Manager Lead on the System Center Operations Manager team, to discuss the new features of System Center Advisor (http://www.SystemCenterAdvisor.com).   Advisor sends logs to Azure so that they can be quickly analyzed to provide real-time operational intelligence to rapidly filter actionable information about a datacenter's security, compliance, system updates, antimalware and more through new Intelligence Packs.

The interview with Joseph begins at [08:00]:

  • -[08:25] What is System Center Advisor, and what is new in the preview?
  • -[09:50] What was included in the original release of Advisor?
  • -[10:25] How is the Preview program doing since launching at TechEd?
  • -[10:55] How much does this cost?
  • -[11:20] How does it integrate with System Center, such as Operations Manager?
  • -[12:30] Is Operations Manager the only way to forward machine data to Advisor?
  • -[13:25] Is Advisor a part of Microsoft Azure?
  • -[14:35] How does Advisor work?
  • -[15:00] Where does the Advisor agent "live"?
  • -[16:25] How is the data secured and encrypted?
  • -[17:05] How long can users store the data in the cloud?
  • -[17:45] Is there any type of "on-premises" version of Advisor?
  • -[18:15] How easy is it to "turn on" Advisor in an existing Operations Manager environment?

At [18:55] Joseph shows a demo of the Log Management Intelligence Pack.

  • -[20:20] What is an "Intelligence Pack"?
  • -[24:20] Which query language is used?

At [28:00] Joseph demos some advanced filtering options.

At [31:05] Joseph demos the System Update Assessment Intelligence Pack.

At [34:15] Joseph demos the Antimalware Intelligence Pack.

At [35:35] Joseph demos the Security Assurance Intelligence Pack.

At [37:50] Joseph demos the Capacity Planning Intelligence Pack.




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  • SimonTSimonT

    A very nice new product from Microsoft! I’m VERY impressed about this new System Center Advisor!

  • Symon PerrimanSymon​Perriman Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist for Windows Server, System Center & ​Virtualizat​ion

    @SimonT: Glad to hear you're interested Simon.  Please send your feedback to Joseph and the team.  Thanks!

  • Zaid AZaid A

    Excellent stuff guys, very impressive. Looking forward to trying it out.

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