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The podcast for anyone who is passionate about IT. We go deep into the technologies you live with, and the people that build, deploy and manage these. Each week we offer a critical voice, guests ranging from your IT peers, technical roles inside Microsoft and industry experts.

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  • TechNet Radio - How Microsoft IT Enables High Performance Computing
    19 minutes, 12 seconds
  • TechNet Radio - Assess Your Hardware and Device Readiness for Windows Vista using Windows Vista Hard
    31 minutes, 13 seconds
  • TechNet Radio - Collaborate with Windows Vista in Windows Meeting Space
    18 minutes, 16 seconds
  • TechNet Radio - The Evolution of High Performance Computing
    33 minutes, 7 seconds
  • TechNet Radio - Scaling out Excel Calculations using Windows Compute Cluster Server
    32 minutes, 27 seconds
  • TechNet Radio - How Microsoft IT Deployed Windows Vista Wireless Group Policy
    23 minutes, 59 seconds
  • TechNet Radio - Community Corner:  Windows Vista Networking with MVP and IT Hero, Doug Spindler
    37 minutes, 52 seconds
  • TechNet Radio - Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management
    26 minutes, 48 seconds
  • TechNet Radio - Group Policy: Windows Vista, Longhorn Server, ADMX and the Central Store
    30 minutes, 34 seconds
  • TechNet Radio - An Interview with the Co-Founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak
    25 minutes, 53 seconds