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  • Hi,

    I have created a VS 2014 CTP2 VM in Azure. But it does not have the Roslyn compiler enabled.

    Alas, I only have access to the VS Professional SKU in my MSDN subscription.

    Is there a way to enable Roslyn in the VS Professional or is it available just for the Ultimate edition?

    Thanks for your superb show.

    Eduardo Quintana

  • Hi Eduardo,

    Do you mean Visual Studio "14" CTP2? (There's no release date yet, so we're calling it "14" -- which is the major version number of VS.) The Roslyn compiler is certainly enabled in Visual Studio "14". Actually, there really isn't a way to disable it. In Visual Studio "14", the Roslyn compilers are the only C# and VB compilers.

    That said, many of the new C# and VB language features are not available by default. We're still working hard on them and you have to make a small tweak to your project to enable them. Just add <LangVersion>experimental</LangVersion> to your project file and the new language features will "light up" and be available to you. There's more information about this here.

    Dustin Campbell
    Visual Studio Managed Languages

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