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Multi-Device Hybrid Apps for Apache Cordova


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In this episode, Robert is joined by Ryan Salva, who shows us the recently released CTP 2.0 of the Extension for Multi-Device Hybrid App Development. With this extension, you can use Visual Studio and Apache Cordova™ to easily build hybrid apps that run on iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone using a single project based on HTML and JavaScript. Ryan demos the basics of building, debugging and deploying multi-device hybrid apps.


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  • good presentation indeed. Personally, after the demise of WPF.. I am happy again. Way to go microsoft....

  • LauraLaura

    Any plans to show how to connect to a database stored in Azure and display results to the app?
    I have created a WCF project and would like to know how to consume the service from the cordova project.

  • Laura, Azure Mobile Services should have built in support for Cordova at this point.


    If you want to build your own services on top of Azure, instead of using the mobile services, you'll want to build an HTTP based service, rather than a SOAP one if possible.  Then you can use the same patterns you see in the above link.  WebAPI is a quick way to put together a http / REST service on top of your Azure DB.





  • Andrew CAndrew C

    How does this relate to Adobe Phonegap? I've been using the integration with Adobe's build service in Dreamweaver to build for iOS and Android.

  • the deaf guythe deaf guy

    awesome video . I wish I can understand them because I am deaf.
    Please add subtitle.

  • JoelJoel

    I love VST and appreciate this episode but I would like to comment politely that I am 30min into the video and I've seen hardly any code. Each question from Robert leads to a ponderous response lasting several minutes where a brief answer would have sufficed. Keep up the good work but keep it moving. :)

  • PeterNLPeterNL

    No mentioning of Adobe Phonegap at all. Rather odd, as it has the largest developer-base for Cordova. Perhaps better leaving out the naming of existing competitors. Part of Microsoft's deceivable marketing tactics with open-source and competition in general. You cannot buy it, and requires an open-mind for community sharing.

  • AndrewAndrew

    Multiplatform typescript and HTML driven apps... Visual Studio just became the undisputed king of the world.... next step native java and objective C support...

  • I'm using Telerik AppBuilder and it's a great Tool.

    And there is one big feature that the MS Extension is still missing:

    They have a Cloud based build Service for iOS.

    I don't have a Mac i won't buy one only for building iOS Apps.

    As long as this feature is missing I'll stay with Telerik.

  • @the deaf guy:Sorry for the delay, Robert is on a hiking trip and I just noticed your comment. I have asked the Channel 9 team if they can transcribe this one and it's in the queue. Usually it takes 3-4 days but since Monday is a holiday in the US it might be a bit longer than usual.

  • @Joel: Thanks for the feedback. I will try and keep things on track in future episodes. :)


  • I have installed it in my Visual Studio 2013.3 pro....I am a Student in 10th grade and I am having this software through DreamSpark.com. I was too glad to build a single app on many platforms but it has error. I have installed it correctly but 1st thing its not running in Windows 8.1 and other it fails to run app in AVD (Android Virtual Device) and my project fails to build I get some errors that has ending "....exited with code 8"; "......exited with code 2"!!!! Well I hope that 3.6 version would not have this issues!

  • @NeelKhalade: sorry to hear you're having problems building. If you'd like help debugging, our product team monitors StackOverflow for questions. So far, we have a pretty good track record with answering questions and solving problems; Most get answered within a single business day. There are several amazing engineers monitoring the forums there who can help resolve your problem.

    @Oerni: I totally know what you mean about the cloud build service and Telerik does a mighty fine job with it. Rest assured that cloud build services are on our radar and we're looking for ways to enable developers like you to build without a mac on-premise.  I'll add your feedback to our backlog: +1 for cloud build.

    @PeterNL: You're totally right; I should have mentioned PhoneGap. Sometimes, when listing off great technology, we forget some of the most obvious choices.

    @Andrew C: Adobe actually has quite a few tools and services under the "PhoneGap" brand. In my experience, when most people talk about PhoneGap, they're talking about the PhoneGap build service. The PhoneGap build service uses Apache Cordova (the same OSS platform used by our tools) to build your application for iOS, Android and Windows in the cloud. When using PhoneGap build services, a developer will typically code their app locally using a text editor (e.g. SublimeText) and emulator (e.g. the PhoneGap Developer App), then push their code to the cloud where the PhoneGap build service creates native packages for each target OS.

    Using Visual Studio tools, the build happens on your local machine rather than in the cloud. This has a few advantages. For example, local build time is typically faster. Also, if you're working on a project with privacy concerns (e.g. healthcare, finance, government), you maintain complete control over your code and data. At the same time, there are a few disadvantages to local build -- namely, that you need a Mac to build for iOS and need to install a number of OSS tools on your local machine (e.g. Node, Android SDK). Of course, we try to lessen that pain by providing automatic download, install, configuration and updates of the full tool chain. But still, some folks prefer cloud build because it simplifies your local dev environment.

    @Joel: Sorry I got a little long-winded there. I really was trying to get to the code. I promise to get to the code a little faster next time :)

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