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  • Michael makes a beeline to some Mayhem with the .Net Gadgeteer and XBee
  • Gadgeteer LED Matrix Module Demo
    0 minutes, 31 seconds
  • Open-Source 3D Models of .NET Gadgeteer Hardware
  • 32feet.NET, Bluetooth and .Net Gadgeteer
  • Controlling a .NET Gadgeteer Device with your mind...
  • Tyrant's aren't all bad, especially when they are micro and running on .NET Gadgeteer's
  • Mom always said, "Sit up straight..." Well, here's a hardware project to help with that...
  • .Net Gadgeteer, REST, Cameras, Servos and Windows Phone 7
  • Teaching .NET Gadgeteering
  • Snake away with a .NET Gadgeteer arcade console and Snake game