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  • Jitter Filter for the Kinect
  • Getting started with C++/3D/WinStore Game Dev with the "Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit"
  • C++, three parts, 3D and the Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit
  • Live Broadcast “Windows Compatible Hardware Development Boards” Event this coming Monday (Aug 25, 2014)
  • Go directly to... dx.h, a modern C++ library for DirectX dev
  • Talking about Marmalade 7.4 adding Windows Phone 8.1 and a Getting Started Guide too
  • DirectXTK - the DirectX Tool Kit
  • Torque once, twice, three... with the MIT Licensed Torque2D and Torque3D engines
  • OGRE you ready to create Universal projects?
  • Part 1 - Introduction
    18 minutes, 48 seconds