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  • Cloudy Text - Windows Phone 8 to Voice to Text to Azure
  • Netduino + Bluetooth, Laurent shows us how easy it is...
  • Smile... Kinect Smile Tracking (with source)
  • Sholpan, the Simple Robot Humanoid
  • GameMaker: Studio for Windows 8
  • nsquared sky spelling, hotel kiosk, media viewer (and as a special bonus the free spydar too)
  • Mash Windows 8 Store Apps, public web service API's and some starter kit code together and you have... "APIMASH Starter Kits"
  • Creating your own DYI Laser shooting range...
  • Games4Learning Kinect Games v4 released... (Word, Math Mages get AR, new NoNeed4Green and more)
  • Kinect -> Robosapien, Source (Cool!)