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  • DrumkitX - Bringing the X, as in DirectX, to your Windows Phone 8 Drumkit
  • http://NWS... A NETMF Web Server (with source of course)
  • The Kinectinator (Think "Kinect Powered Nerf Turret")
  • Console (not that kind) Space Invaders
  • Kinect Television - Putting the You in the TV...
  • Speed your Phone App Dev with the Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit
  • I'm thinking of... Mindwave + Arduino ["ThinkUino"]
  • KINECTing System Center Orchestrator Runbooks
  • C++, three parts, 3D and the Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit
  • Slide into PointPoint with a Kinect and a PowerPoint add-in