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  • Garry's Kinecting Garry's Mod
  • ETHNO TEKH - "real-time, jamming and layering with Kinect-controlled audio/visual instruments"
  • Making MIDI Music with the Kinect and a Theremin project
  • No, you're not crazy, you're just talking to your Windows Phone 8 app (and this sample shows you how)
  • Help crunch the Kinect. It's time for the Crunchies!
  • Faceshift, a Kinect based real time facial movement package
  • XInput PInvoking your XBox 360 Controller
  • "Kinect Client Server System"
  • Microsoft Robotics samples and new Kinect for Windows SDK versions
  • That's a great v1.0 shot... Greenshot v1.0 is out!