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  • Maelstrom: An Overview
  • CShell, the open source C# REPL IDE
  • "Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview入門 ― C++プログラマー向け連載 [C++ programmer series]"
  • TWC9: TechEd++, VS/TFS 2013, C4F Toolkit 2.0.6, Azure Updates and more
    15 minutes, 4 seconds
  • Raspi Kinect
  • VB.NET, Netduino and Homebrewing Beer
  • Kinash uses the Kinect to turn walls into touchable surfaces
  • Becoming an Image Ninja with help from Dewald Esterhuizen
  • await GetKinect in FluentKinect
  • Getting in touch with TouchDevelop (Think "From What to Wow")