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  • Ping 153: Classic Games on IE, new wedge mouse, Games on Surface, More Windows Phones
    17 minutes, 34 seconds
  • Kinect wins the Gold! (In this simple game demo)
  • Special Edition:Kinect for Windows Fall Roadmap Announced
  • Freak'n Genius! Animating the world with the Kinect
  • How the Kinect and ReconstructMe were used to create the "Head Hunter" short
  • MILO Range with Kinect for Windows
  • Nissan and Audi provide a NUI auto shopping experience
  • Saturn Kinect - Motion Manager and more
  • Kinecting with WinForms
  • Ping 152: Microsoft's new logo, Kinect price drop, Xbox covers the election, New Windows Phones
    20 minutes, 6 seconds