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  • "Kinected Browser: Depth Camera Interaction for the Web" (Say hello to NUIScript.js)
  • Kinect mousing with Kinecursor (and a plea for your help)
  • TWC9: Azure Conf, Unit Test, High Perf JavaScript, Inside WinRT, Kinect Browser
    15 minutes, 18 seconds
  • Halloween Insanity with help from the Kinect and Netduino
  • AutoCAD integration samples updated for Kinect SDK v1.6
  • KinectContrib Templates updated for Visual Studio 2012
  • "Exploring the Kinect Developer Toolkit Browser"
  • Kinect2Scratch gets a fresh new site and some updates too
  • Kinect @ //build/ "Kinect for Windows Programming Deep Dive"
  • Kinect @ //build/ "Super-Natural Interaction"