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  • Seated posture and gesture recognition with Kinect
  • Holographic Window using Kinect V2
  • Kinecting to an Orchestra of Obedient Deltabots
  • "Hello, Kinect?" - Kinect v2 Speech Recognition example
  • Terminator, Sky Biometry and the Kinect
  • Kinect Kannon: Kinect-Augmented T-Shirt Cannon
  • From Zero to Hero, Kinect to Sphero
  • Custom Gestures End to End with Kinect and Visual Gesture Builder (part 2)
    1 hour, 0 minutes, 23 seconds
  • Hacking a Missile Launcher (as in the Dream Cheeky Thunder Missile Launcher... )
  • Two for Kinect 4 Windows v2 and Unity 3D