Visual Studio extensibility

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  • Visual Studio 2013 SDK Samples Released
  • EOLM, End of the Line Markers Visual Studio Extension
  • TWC9: Paxton Caden Keller, DirectX game templates, C++, .NET Fiddle, Viasfora, 0 or 1 and homework...
    17 minutes, 5 seconds
  • Building a Better Visual Studio Start Page...
  • Extending Visual Studio with your new buddy, VsCommandBuddy
  • Get live diff's with Git Diff Margin Visual Studio Extension
  • Hosting your own Visual Studio Gallery with the Inmeta Visual Studio Gallery
  • Making your debugging pretty with DotNetPretty
  • ILSpy, the Visual Studio Extension
  • WhereAmI? VS Extension notes where a file is in a Project (think "Sync no more")