Coding4Fun Articles

Coding4Fun articles detail interesting applications we created using a variety of programming languages. Most articles assume a basic understanding of the utilized language, but if you need help, please ask—we’ll do our best to help out.

  • Building a WPF Sudoku Game, Part 2: The Board UI and Validation
  • Displaying Gentle Error Messages with ASP.NET
  • Fall Fury: Part 9 - Particle System
  • 2D Game Primer (Visual Basic)
  • Project Detroit: An Overview
  • Fall Fury: Part 12 - Conclusions
  • Fall Fury: Part 11 - Hardware Testing & Debugging
  • Coding 4 Fun - Windows 7 Taskbar
  • Creating Games with Silverlight: A Simple Shooter
  • Fall Fury: Part 2 - Shaders