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  • Rock-Paper-[Netduino/Arduino]
  • HeadTexter... Using the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK, C# and your noggin to text...
  • Jump into HTML game dev with the free Construct 2
  • An amazing maze, with some Windows Phone 8, Netduino, servos and some 3D printing for flavor...
  • About about... Here's an Windows Phone About page sample
  • DtPad, the C# based text editor that's ++
  • Your house, 11 Netduinos and the Cloud...
  • Making your Windows 8 Store App photo perfect with Aviary Windows 8 SDK
  • Say Sasa! (Think "Big collection of .Net extensions, functions, methods and such")
  • Sometimes you do need to be Pushy... "Near Real Time Sensor Data with Windows Azure Mobile Services, .NET Micro Framework, Pusher and ASP .NET MVC"