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  • Dream in Spanish? Here's 27 App Hub WP7 tutorials just for you... (Soñar en español? Aquí es 27 App concentrador WP7 tutoriales para TI...)
  • Digital Public Library of America (Think "Open web API you can build cool apps for")
  • KegDuino
  • How about a little physics in your augmented reality?
  • Serial isn't just for... "How to Communicate with a Microcontroller or Other Serial Device in VB.Net"
  • AGENT.Contrib - AGENT, Community and you!
  • Teaching your Gadgeteer project to speak...
  • //build/ HackaThon winner, Social Squares, now available in Windows Phone Store
  • Bing, Boom, Bang... Building a Remote Control Phone app (and server)
  • Playing with Bacteria, virtually,with the BacteriaSimulation project