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  • Making your Windows 8 Store App photo perfect with Aviary Windows 8 SDK
  • http://NWS... A NETMF Web Server (with source of course)
  • XInput PInvoking your XBox 360 Controller
  • No need for sunscreen, you want this SunBurn! SunBurn v2 RTM's, including the free SunBurn Framework Edition
  • Going nuts with Nutshell, a visual screen designer for the Netduino Go Touch Display module
  • You can lead a dev to... "Game Starter Kit for Windows 8 with leaderboard in Windows Azure"
  • Introducing BioWF - The Bioinformatics Workflow Designer
  • "Space, the final code frontier..." with the General Mission Analysis Tool from open.NASA
  • Tracking your Blood Pressure with help from HealthVault and this Windows Phone 8 app
  • Creating your own DYI Laser shooting range...