Damian Flynn

Damian Flynn is the Infrastructure Architect on the Corporate IT team. His current focus is on Software Defined Networks (SDN) with “Azure for Window Server Services”, with perspective on Orchestration of repeatable processes in “Dev/Ops” scenarios. He has a keen interest in Cloud Computing from both a business strategy and technical viewpoint and has presented sessions on building and managing Private/Hybrid Clouds at a number of industry events. Damian authored the Cloud chapters on two books, is active in many MS Programs, blogs at www.damianflynn.com, tweets at @damian_flynn, and and has published a number of white papers and technical articles. When Damian isn’t at work he’s out and about entertaining with some DJ activates or helping others with Smart Home technologies from Lighting, Audio, Digital Video and other fields with experience in Control4, CQC, and Elve (.Net automation), or sharing code on CodePlex.