Vijay Rajagopalan is a Principal Group Program Manager in Microsoft Ads Platform R&D team. His team is primarily responsible for the developer monetization across Windows, Phone & XBOX. Prior to this role, Vijay led the engineering for Windows Azure‚Äôs Runtime & Compute platform that includes Virtual Machines, Core runtime, Platform as a Service(Web/Worker roles), developer experience(SDKs), extensibility & API surface of the Windows Azure compute platform. Vijay has over 16 years of industry experience focused on Product Strategy, Software Architecture, design, engineering & evangelism and has worked with customers, partners & open source communities including IBM, Oracle, SAP, Siebel, Intel, Eclipse Foundation & Apache Software Foundation. He has been at Microsoft for more than 15 years in number of engineering, product leadership & strategy roles. He is very passionate about developer community, open source & an avid cricket enthusiast.