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SQLShorts: Installing and Configuring PowerPivot, Power View, and the BI Semantic Model ( BISM ) [Setup]


Right click “Save as…”

This video covers the main issues that you face in installing PowerPivot and Power View on SharePoint 2010 SP1. There are many nuances to address such as software needed for the install, configuration options, installation order, etc... This video covers installation using SharePoint 2010 SP1, Windows 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, Office 2010, PowerPivot and Power View. The video also covers how to create & publish PowerPivot workbooks and their respective BI Semantic Models ( BISM ) to SharePoint as well as setup SharePoint content types. Also included is the ability to create BISM from Visual Studio and leverage both the Vertipaq and DirectQuery models.


Errata: I show configuring the SSRS Service Application in SharePoint two times. It only has to be done the 1st time. The second time should be removed from the video.


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  • matthiasmatthias

    hi Mike,

    i'm following you steps to succeed launching power view, but when making a sql server reporting sercives service application, i'm not able to check the checkbox that says 'sharepoint 80', which you need for power view, cause you said explicit that you need it. Do you know why I can't check it?

    this is a message that stand above it
    'There are no web applications available to associate with this SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application.'

    I hope you can help me, thanks in advance

  • Scott StaufferScott Stauffer

    That's it! I had the EXACT same problem! WHY! FYI, Using RC not CTP... What have I done! Please help...

  • Scott StaufferScott Stauffer

    Mike, would these comments make sense to you? I am no familiar enough, but they sound reasonable?

    This sounds like it might indicate an order change?

    And the comments on this article look like they are similar:

  • MatthiasMatthias

    Scott, have you already been able to check that import checkbox?


  • Scott StaufferScott Stauffer

    Not yet, but I haven't been working on it... It should not be this difficult. I hope MS can automate this process with a Wizard. I am a little disappointed in MS to say the least.

    I will work on it tonight and tomorrow.

  • MatthiasMatthias

    if you go to sharepoint administrator service => click on managere services on server => there you see reporting service services application stopped click it, then click properties on top
    you get a next screen where the checkbox sharepoint 80 is checked, if you just press OK there, I get the error "The version of database 'SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application_5ff9d39fb7ab4bfaa26bf11265c2ce68' on server 'MYSERVER\POWERPIVOT' is not supported by the current reporting services version."

    do you have the seem error?
    kind regards

  • I'm still getting the same un-supported version error as above.  Was a solution ever determined?


  • @ecassaro: Finally got PowerView to work.  I used Mike's video plus:

    1. Do your homework on what constitutes the Sharepoint SP1.  Apply the SP1 for the foundation and the office server as well as the hotfixes.

    2. Build the new Reporting Services Service Application ignoring the 'No available web app...' message and do a custom connection to the service on the Manage Web Applications / Service Connections page.

    Thanks Mike and good luck to all.

  • Thanks Mike for the detailed installation / configuration steps, it was very helpful.!

    Issues faced during the install -

    (1) 'No available web app...' message when adding new Reporting Services Service Application, but solved following @ecassaro's comment (thanks ecassaro.!).

    (2) I was not able to access the Ppvt site's PowerPivot Gallery from Excel when I tried save to sharepoint - Ppvt1 excel, working locally on the sharepoint server,  but I was able to access the same from a client outside of Sharepoint server.

  • DimrenDimren

    I have a similar but not the same problem.
    I get the checkbox Sharepoint-80, but cannot check it.

    I do get the same info msg: There are no web applications available to associate with this SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application.
    but then on the side I get the note :

    Note: Web applications that are disabled and cleared, have already been associated to a different SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application.

    Anybody has a clue what can have gone wrong? I have followed the instructions on the video..

    Many thanks

  • JuanJuan

    I had the same problem, I was sure I was selected the "Tabular mode", but... who knows.
    So I uninstalled the Analysis Service with the SSRS SharePoint add-ins Then I re-installed again:
    Analysis Services
    Reporting Services for SharePoint
    Reporting Services SharePoint Add-in
    selecting "Tabular Mode" and everything was fine!

  • Is it me or are there some things in this video that are repeated?? --i.e., installing SSAS in tabular mode and creating an SSRS app pool... There is also one thing that is cut off... In PowerView... "You don't have to create the experience just from...." From what??

  • faithfaith

    I get till 24 mins of the video.
    However, I do not see 'Reporting Services Service Application' in my drop down list under 'New'.

    Did I miss something out? I followed all the steps.

    Thank you for your time.

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