Combining Windows 10 features with Unity games in your own plugin

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    Rick Barraza

    Hi Kristina! Great post. Jason Fox on my team was just talking to me about your Unity / IOT hackfest project this morning (small world). Since I've been doing Kinect V2 work with Unity (and OpenCV), I've been mainly on Win32, but since we can now start accessing Kinect data from Win10 UWP as of last week, I need to learn the async / await / UWP / etc. stuff. This post is a great first start, and I hope you make more! Happy to share what I work out as well. Again, great job and glad we have another evangelist being so public on Unity + UWP!

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    Hey , if I download a library from nuget how should I export that to make sure my plugin is working flawlessly.

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