Move your Wordpress database to your own Azure VM :)

Play Move your Wordpress database to your own Azure VM :)

The Discussion

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    You must have a killer blog to justify the overhead in cost and maintenance involved (VM OS, MySQL, general database management and monitoring) which are not covered within this post.

    It doesn't make sense in my opinion, unless for an interesting hobby project.

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    @Bronsdijk:It's pretty useful if you, for example, already have a BizSpark allowance and run your devblog locally :) Pure MySQL-Service subscriptions aren't necessarily cheap externally either - so in this constellation it might be even a way of saving costs for the time being.

    I don't claim that this is or should be a silver bullet :)

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    @KrisRothe Hi Thanks for the information. It is really useful. I am really in a need of this. 

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