3D Builder Tutorial Part 1: Viewing your first 3D object

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Welcome to this first video on 3D Builder, a free app that allows anyone to get started with 3D printing. In this introduction we will learn how to load 3D objects from the library or from files, how to view them from different angles and finally how to get them ready to be printed!

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You can download 3D Builder HERE.



The Discussion

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    hi @AFBlodin - what printers are supported? I am borrowing a friends Printrbot .... and just coming to terms with rafts and supports ...

    Could you add links to the sites and companies you mention in your videos. In Vid 2 you mention http://cubify.com/

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    Hi @OzBobWa , as of today, Cubify is our exclusive partner to order prints online. And here is a list of the supported printers:

    • 3D Systems - Cube 3
    • MakerBot - Replicator 2, Replicator 3 (gen 5), Mini, Z-18
    • Printrbot - Metal Simple
    • XYZ Printing - Da Vinci 1.0
    • TierTime - Up Plus 2, Up Plus 2 Mini

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