3D Builder Tutorial Part 3: Object Mode and Settings

Play 3D Builder Tutorial Part 3: Object Mode and Settings

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    "Depth sensor of the Kinect" sounds like an awesome way to create a model - looking forward to that video!

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    hi evryone
    cool software but many problem vs kinect v1 if you can look this video please


    tel me please if its possible with kinect v2
    cause i can't make arond scanning with my kinect v2

    pc config
    i7-4700qh 2.4ghz to 3.4 ghz
    24go ram
    res screen 1920x1080 P@ 60hz
    win 8.1x64 updated yesterday
    gforce gtx 780 m
    1.5to hdd

    is it possible to export de result of scanning directly into 3ds max 2013x64 or more later ?

    sorry for my lagage im french
    and the last one in the school in english laguage .
    thx lot

    best regard

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    @sam: Bonjour Sam, je pense que vous devriez aussi regarder cette video: https://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/3D-Printing/3D-Builder-Tutorial-Part-5-3D-Scanning-with-Kinect-V2

    La video YouTube que vous avez partage a été faite avec un senseur Kinect v1 et un logiciel qui n'est pas le notre.

    La configuration de votre PC semble être suffisante pour atteindre un bon taux de rafraichissement, en revanche assurez vous d'avoir des ports USB 3.0 de la marque Renesas ou Intel, sinon la Kinect v2 ne marchera pas.

    Les scans effectués avec 3D Builder peuvent etre exporté en 3MF, PLY et STL. Il me semble que PLY et STL peuvent être importé avec 3D max, mais cela necessite un plugin.


    English Translation:

    Hi Sam, I think you may want to take a look at this video which is about 3D scanning: 3D-Builder-Tutorial-Part-5-3D-Scanning-with-Kinect-V2

    The YouTube video that you shared is indeed done using a Kinect v1 but not using our software. Your PC configuration should provide good frame rate but make sure that you have an Intel or Renesas USB 3.0 port, otherwise the Kinect v2 will not work.

    You can export your scan in 3MF, PLY and STL. I believe that you can open both PLY and STL with 3D max, but it may require a plugin.

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