3D Printing with Windows 10 and i.materialise

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Today, we are proud to announce integration with the i.materialise online 3D printing service in Windows 10.

Microsoft always works to make new technologies rapidly available to everyone. Through i.materialise, every Windows 10 user has access to a 3D printer.  Not just any 3D printer, but a virtual factory of professional grade, industrial machines.

Now you can 3d print in awesome materials like stainless steel, titanium, silver, gold, ceramic and more! i.materialise ships worldwide and provides high quality and affordable prints. With a choice of over 20 materials in more than 100 colors and finishes, you will be able to make perfect 3D prints for any need or occasion.  

Prototype at your desk using your own 3d printer and when you are ready order a professional print from i.materialise.

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i.materialise offers a wide array of materials and finishes (Piguin by Bert De Niel).

Whether you are a professional designer or an aspiring maker, Windows 10 provides the best 3D printing experience. Go to your start menu and launch a Windows 3D printing app, such as 3D Builder. Watch our video tutorial above for more details. We can't wait to see what you build with it!



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