Where to get the Channel 9 Guy 3D Model

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The Channel 9 Guy made an appearance in the Build keynote this year and if you have a 3D printer you might want to know where you can get the model. Eden Soto was kind enough to provide us with a 3D model of the 9 Guy. Eden makes all the CGI intro videos that we use for shows on Channel 9 and for Channel 9 Live. 

You can download the model here

Of course if you'd like to get a foam Channel 9 Guy just send us a postcard saying hi with your mailing address. 

Send to: 

Channel 9 Team 
C9 Studios / Building 25
One Microsoft Way 
Redmond, WA 98052

The Discussion

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    Is this offer open to Canadians?

  • User profile image

    @wetworker0: Of course! 

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    Let's see if we can find a 3d vendor at Ignite who will print one for me in Chicago. ;)


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    well, what about India.?
    Is this offer available for them also.?

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    And Europe? If so, I am running to the post office :)

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    I need a foam Channel 9 Guy also :) Can you sent it to germany?

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    I am in Dubai, so can I get channel 9 guy?

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    I've been asking for this a long time. It would be even better if it is published at a 3D printing service like Shapeways.com. Then anyone can purchase as many as they want no matter where they live.

    Anyway, I want one C9 Guy at home and one at the office, so I'll buy a nice postcard and send it to you. :)

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    @themausman: Or you could stop by the C9 Live stage next to registration and I'll give you one. :) 

    To answer questions about other countries; anyone who gets us a post card we will send a C9 guy back. 

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    Don't forget Australia

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    Hi, can we put the postcard in an envelope and send it to Channel 9 team ? Thanks ^^

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    I just uploaded on Shapeways.com to have it printed but at over $200.00 I'll wait for the foam dude.

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    @pbbergs: That's too expensive for me, so I'll send a post card today. :D

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    Shirley Radler

    What happened to the show Rozzi & Isles?

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    :) €

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    Hello Channel9,

    I would like to see videos about Dynamics 365 For Operations (On Premise). Please bring peope from the Ax team to tals about Dev issues, migration and integration tools.

    Also, if there is a chance to see more Tech ready videos.  

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    JD Freeman

    Dropping postcard in the mail now. Thanks!

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    Roxanne Howlett

    I have been aware of the connection between my profile and your company for quite some time. The link, Iphone and windows 10 computers, PS4 Game system is NOT legally involved in my lifetime nor my family other than residents nearby that have professional hacking skills. Please contact me regarding rhow2016@outlook.com rhow2010@live.com rhow2010@gmail.com and alphaazura, or my talented daughter that is a minor. Thank you Ms. Roxanne Vasquez-Howlett 909-331-5670

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    Brandon Farmer


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    Hi there,

    I am a big fan of channel 9. These videos are amazing and motivating. I thought I would like to give a try, participate and share my experience :)

    Let me know the next steps.

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