Making Websites with ASP.NET

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Scott Hanselman explains One ASP.NET and gives an overview of how to make a website with ASP.NET.



The Discussion

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    Now, Scott got me confused between WebForms (that i know) and MVC(that i barely know). :p
    They look too similar in this video.
    maybe its just me :|

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    @Tx36: One is different from the previous versions of, which you can't mix them up in a project/program.

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    4 mintes in and i have no idea whqt he's going on about, and I know html, css and c#
    Not a very good tutorial. :/

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    I was not familiar with scaffolding and helpers.  I looked them up and found both to be interesting so this short video was actually very useful.

    Hanselman's presentations are usually better than most.  He's not trying to sell or convert.  He usually has a clear and valued message.

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    Ulises Lobos N

    Hay videos en español?, que sucede con la gente que no habla ingles, ya que para entender estos videos hay que tener un nivel de ingles alto

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    I think this is a great overview of what the differences between the different choices are. Looking forward to exploring other views to understand in more detail what I am doing within each of the frameworks.


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    Very user friendly

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    Very briefly informative, confuses rather than providing info

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    I guess it is possible that you can pack more three letter acronyms into a talk but it would be a challenge. A textbook case of someone who understands explaining what is going on in his head, never to be confused with actually explaining, teaching or informing. Come on...

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