Whiteboard Video 4 of 4: What is the Access Control Service and the Service Bus?

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Here is a quick video (4 mins 34 secs) to outline the Web based services that are part of the Windows Azure Platform.  The video calls out traditional options you have to inter-connect applications, and then the ways you can use the Service Bus to address communication, authentication and other complexities related to security based protection.

This is useful when you need to:
  • Connect your cloud app to investments and resources
  • Have fine grain control regarding access by external partners, in an easy to manage way
  • Enable collaboration within your org, or with your customers



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The Discussion

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    Good Explaination!

    How ez to migrate an application built for Cloud computing back to suitable for classical environment?

    I mean whatever APIs or Wrappers we use to make our application enable in AZURE, can also be reverted back easily if Organization wants to come out from AZURE model?

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