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Here is Beau Ambur's session from the SilverlightDevCamp in San Francisco. He walks us through his iPhone replica he made for MIX 07 UK and then Top Banana, an app for editing videos with a very interesting UI.

I think Beau is interesting speaker who always seems to have great demos and applications to show.  Normally impressed from a graphical and interaction perspective, I liked in this session how he touched on the value of the workflow from concept to implmentation.

This weekend I'll be heading to SilverlightDevCampChicago and plan to return with more videos like this one and the video with Tyler Ballance.



The Discussion

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    "Watch" button doesn't work.
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    Okay, try the following things to see if you can get it to work.

    1) Hover over the preview image. Do you get a "finger" cursor and see an outline appear around the image? Click the image to activate the WMP ActiveX control and you should be able to play just fine. (I often see this problem and just did on this video).
    2) If that doesn't work, click the "Full Screen" button. This will launch the same streaming URL into WMP. Did that work? If not, there's a streaming server issue we can look into.

    Let me know if that fixes your problem. Insert mandatory "v4 will fix it" statement here.
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    It works now. I was getting a mms:// version of a 404.
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    Silverlight combined with Expression and just a little bit of code... => something great and good looking Big Smile

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