Cider Beta 2 : Styling a WPF application with Blend and Cider

Play Cider Beta 2 : Styling a WPF application with Blend and Cider
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Brief walkthrough on using Blend to style a WPF application originally created with VS 2008 Cider designer;  see how you can seamlessly go back and forth between the two tools to get the best out of a developer (intellisense, code wiring, etc.) and designer ( styling, templating) tools for creating WPF applications.

This part 2 in a 2 part series, part 1 is available here: Cider Beta 2 : Feature walkthrough

FYI, this screencast was only posted by me, Jaime Rodriguez was the original creator.



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The Discussion

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    How did you add the content presenter to the grid inside the button template, in the video it just appears ? When I have grid selected and double click on content presenter it replaces the grid and the ellipse.

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