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Thom Robbins shows off the new Data Source Configuration Wizard and how VS 2005 can get your datagrid connected faster than ever.  Notice the Object as a choice for data sources, good stuff!



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The Discussion

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    Would be a nice idea to have a download option for the ScreenCasts too.
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    What in the world does one have to do to get Updates to work when we click the floppy icon in a docked grid view? I used the help in VB.NET
    VS2005 Express Edition. I found three lines of code there but all I get is an exception error if I don't use the try catch methods.

    Me.Validate()  "is ok"
    Me.MytableBindingSource.EndEdit()  "is ok"

    the last one throws the exception.

    I appears there is no easy way to get a grid view to update.

    This has been my problem for most data applications. Most folks lead us to believe that is so easy to work. Sure I can make my own tables and get them bound as my data source. And I can go look at these sweet examples all day. But when it comes to doing something usefull like saving my own data it gets very grey.

       So! What I am asking is a short and sweet way to make updates using queries for a database. Perhaps I should get into a book on T-SQL.

    Update:  Okay! Now I find it will work if I am sure to use a numeric key.
    Wow, pretty cool. I built a grid view for my friend to put his class schedule in and whatever else he would like to such as teachers contact info and due dates. The first header is Day and all the rest are Period numbers.

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