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Although WPF is less than a year old, we’re already putting the finishing touches to an update that will add some neat features and improvements, improve internationalization support and increase performance. In this video, Charles Torre (and Dr Sneath, when he finally turns up) sit down with Kevin “Bag’o’Tricks” Moore as he provides a whirlwind tour of the improvements and changes you can expect to see in WPF 3.5 (which ships as part of "Orcas").





The Discussion

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    Ask a Ninja segment during Mix was classic. Sorry about not turning in an evaluation. You probably couldn't have done it better.
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    Kevin should be in marketing; somehow... great presentation!
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    C'mon, Kevin, you are really hilarious when imitating Tim's British accent:P

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    How come this video is missing the separate audio downloads?
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    Because it's a silent video.
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    I've added the links to the audio files.  Apologies for the delay.
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    It's great to know that WPF is continually being updated and improved, as I personally believe it is a really forward-looking technology. I really hope the new WPF Yahoo messenger actually comes out sometime soon, as, for me, it seems like the first mass audience consumer level WPF app.

    On a technical side, I remember seeing, around PDC '06 time, a series of slides stating that WPF would work via DX10 (where possible in hardware) to fully move the text-rendering path into hardware. This means that glyph performance would be up there with GDI, if not even faster. It also meant better GPU task allocation thanks to the advanced scheduling features of DX10-class GPUs. Is DX10 support for the presentation backend coming in this 3.5 release? If not, is it planned to come sometime in the future?
    I'd be a real shame to see WPF fall into the same trap that GDI Acceleration did, of being very good at what it was, but locked to a very specific set of basic hardware functionality that went out of date around '98, and was never extended, perhaps with the exception of hardware alpha transparency in Windows 2000.
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    This is a fantastic technology. The kind we've been waiting for, for 15 years or so.
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    What with Vista SP1, 3.0, 3.0 gold, 3.5, XP SP3, Orcas Beta 2, etc, etc it really would be nice to be able to easily find out what versions are on a machine with both XBAP apps, Forms, and Silverlight.

    Kevin suggested that this kind of code would be forthcoming???

    But great video. Love to watch Kevin and Sneath play off each others thoughts.
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    does someone know what happened to the connect issue id: 272960 ( !?

    it says "solved" does that mean it will be part of wpf 3.5 !?

    thx & greets

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    This is my first channel 9 viewing. Very nice listening to smart people.

    Curious to hear Kevin talk about using property descriptors as I read about it in Databinding with Win Forms 2.0 - Brian Noyes but never really seen it referenced.

    I look forward to more Channel 9 and more cow bell.
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    Is there anyone from MS who can reply to the questions in this thread?
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    ...yeah, that would be nice Smiley

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    no-one? surely the person featured in the video must check this thread once or twice?

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