Pascal Bourque - Building a rich datagrid in WPF

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    The roadmap was just posted: [forums_xceed_com]

    Also, for Twitter users, you can follow the DataGrid user on Twitter to get real-time news, updates, and sometimes, some insanely great rebates or offers.

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    Thanks for the contest suggestion Adam, it is a good idea!

    Devs: If you liked the video, Digg it or Kick it.
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    Thanks for the video Adam.  It's good to hear the story of the Xceed Data Grid straight from the source.  I'm looking forward to more of these WPF videos.

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    Thanks guys, that was really cool. I've been using !.2 for a few weeks now and it's very impressive.

    Pascal, that master/detail view looks brilliant... any idea when you'll be releasing 1.3?
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    colingr: Thanks for the kind words! Version 1.3 should be out somewhere in november, but it will not include master-detail. This feature will be available in the release after 1.3, which we'd like to get out the door before the end of the year. But the schedule for this version is still subject to changes. Pascal
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    The guys at Xceed know where the WPF ball is. That's exactly what you need to display data with rich WPF look&feel.
    Very great!

    btw: how can I get the nice Silverlight poster in the background? I'd like to fresh up my office room Cool
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    shaper, send me a link to something you make with Silverlight and I'll see about sending you a poster.  Depending on how interesting the demo is determines how much of the poster I'll send Smiley

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    I like the nice little animations that aren't just flashy for the sake of being flashy.
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    Exactly dentaku, there lies the challenge of every designer in the wpf world Big Smile
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    Is the coverflow available in the latest release of the grid?

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    I tried the free datagrid from Xceed on a 20-column, 2500-row datatable and found it sluggish in performance--slow to navigate up and down the grid. I've read that others are experiencing the same thing. By comparison, a wrapped Windows Forms DataGrid using the WPF WindowsFormsHost was snappy.

    Maybe all the extra stuff that comes with the Xceed control slows it down. It's unfortunate because it really has some nice features.

    At the moment, it's unusable for my purposes. Microsoft will have to step up to the plate.
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    Well, we're already in the 14th month since v1.0 was released. After about 10 updates, of which 4 were major ones, we're proud to announce that Xceed DataGrid for WPF v2.0 was released today.

    The product sure has matured. This latest version offers the following new major features: extensive master/detail support, a new design-time configuration window for quickly and easily setting up the datagrid within the Visual Studio 2008, and a total of 13 input controls for editing data are provided.


    A roadmap of when the 3D views and other features are coming will be posted in the grid's forums soon.

    Good programming!

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    The album cover view and other built-in 3D views are currently postponed in favor of work on performance. The dev. team currently has a few interesting techniques in mind that should significantly improve the grid's overall performance. And this is in .NET 3.5. The recently discussed .NET 3.5 service pack (demonstrated at Mix08 by Rob Relyea) should also help with performance (text rendering for example).

    That said, the Xceed Datagrid for WPF dev. team is rather well staffed so other features such as the 3D views are still not far off from being released (Q2 or Q3 '08).

    Edits: Performance update and 3D views timeframe update.

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    That looks too good to be true! Big Smile Awesome work!
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    Great news! 3D Views and great performance increases have been released.

    Version 3.0 of Xceed DataGrid for WPF Professional Edition is now available at

    What's new?

    - Major performance increases
    - Stunning 3D Views (switch views on the fly from table to card to 3D card in a few lines of code, preserving grid's state)
    - Multiple card layouts, easy to place data in the desired card area
    - Column virtualization (my sub-$1000 Dell desktop can run 1M rows by 1K columns, all loaded up)
    - Column stretching, and column widths supporting star values
    - IDataErrorInfo support (no other grid currently does this)
    - Easy binding to XML data sources and inserting records into non-IBindingList sources


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    xceed datagrid is not free anymore

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