Robby Ingebretsen : Designers, Developers and Integrators

Play Robby Ingebretsen : Designers, Developers and Integrators

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    Very interesting video.

    I guess I am an "integrator"--web designer/web developer--or int for short. Wink

    Used to do Flash but lately doing mostly videos.

    When will the Expression Studio have NLE video and  motion graphics applications as part of the Expression Studio?


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    Great video Robby, nicely put.  One correction though...being a former employee at frog design, the integrator role at frog is known as the "Design Technologist", not technician.

    Coming from frog as a senior developer and working in a workflow that works, what Robby dicussed is dead on right.  You need the middle man, the integrator, to bring the technical aspects of WPF and the design together.  Most developers are too technical and muck up, or over complicate, the implementation of the design.  My background is in digital graphic design, but I migrated into the developer world and have been doing it the last 11 yrs.  I find myself enjoying the role as the "integrator" more and more with WPF, mainly because it blends my two skills together.

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