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    We have been using the Board of Directors (v2) template for almost a year now - it's outstanding - BUT, our WSS host told us that the old template will NOT port acrosss to the new v3 site.  We entusiastically read back in November - and then saw this Ch9 video - about great work being done to port the old site templates across to v3.

    Today we found the new v3 template for the Board of Directors ... BUT, it has none of high power look-n-feel of the old v2 template.Sad:(Sad

    Is there a way, with the Master Pages or CSS, etc. - we have SharePoint Designer - to re-create the v2 look but will load in WSSv3 ??


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    Bob and the team did an awesome job on these templates.  I'm trying to explain some of the cool stuff in them using screencasts in my blog.  My favorite thus far is the Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects - this site definition includes some powerful roll-up and lookup features.  - Brent.
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    This kind of information... you won't find on youtube. Smiley

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