The Return of Edit and Continue

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Thom Robbins demonstrates that Edit and Continue has indeed returned in VS 2005.



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The Discussion

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    Return of E&C - great.

    But thats not what was in the demo.

    In fact - I can duplicate the demo EXACTLY in vs2003. To demo E&C, you would need to have edited the line where the value was set to 5+5, to say 5+6, and then run over the line again, without being prompted for a rebuild.
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    I was thinking the samething... I was confused Big Smile
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    I have been using VS 2005 Beta 2 and the Edit and Continue is flaky.  I hope it works better in the final release.  Maybe I just don't have it setup right, but you can't edit and continue in a web project.  You also can't even set a break point without restarting!!!!!  I have it call a project using remoting and half the time I can edit in that project and the other times Its like the web project and I can't edit or even set a break point.  Another thing that stinks is that when you are in a catch statement and you edit your code that sent it there, then you can't go back to the code, you have to restart:(  The only way to do it is to move the cursor back out of the catch loop and then edit the code:|  If your cursor is in the finally statements don't even bother dragging it out!  Another thing that VS 2005 does that sucks is that if you hit the stop button in the IDE it contines your code.  So it will continue and update the DB or whatever the remain code is!

    The bottom line is that Edit and Continue has a long way to go to be half as friendly as VB6. 

    I really hope they get it all working for the final release!  Cause I can't go back to VB6.  I am hooked on the .NET[H]

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