Using AJAX to Dynamically Update Silverlight Content

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This video demonstrates a simple notification system build using Silverlight, ASP.NET, AJAX and SQL Server. Silverlight is used at the front end to present a rich UI, which is asynchronously updated using AJAX based on activities of different users in the system. You are stepped through the full solution, from the text input to the back end through the asynchronous delivery service based on JSON-oriented Web services and AJAX proxies.

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Ajax, Silverlight



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The Discussion

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    I love that you were concerned about the performance of the sample code.
    if(maxid - currentMax > 10) hehehehe Big Smile
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    Hi it's what I've looking for.
    But if the hole combine environment can be seem how to build and  combine from scratch ,that was great.
    You know a full video about hooking together SILVERLIGHT + AJAX + SQL + C#.

    That could be great.

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